About us

About Us

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to First Tower Primary Schools website. I hope that you will find all the information you need and get an insight as to what the school has to offer. If there are any questions please feel free to contact the school.

Our Vision

We are a school that likes to celebrate success- at every level. Our school is driven by an enthusiasm and desire to achieve. We aim to bring learning alive; making it exciting and stimulating. We want to give our children a thirst for learning that continues with them throughout their future school experiences and lives; we want to prepare them well for what the future may bring. We wish for all at First Tower School the opportunity to be the best they can be.


Achieve means lots of different things to many. For some it means excelling in the core subjects, gathering as much knowledge and acquiring as many skills as one can. At First Tower School we endeavor to ensure our pupils get the best opportunities for learning we can. However, we also believe at First Tower School that achievement can take on many different shapes and forms. Achieve can be the first time a pupil stands on the stage and recites their first solo poem, the first time they put up their hand to ask a question in assembly in front of two hundred pupils, the first time they score that goal during a football match. For First Tower achieve means all the personal goals, barriers and targets each child overcomes and succeeds in. Because of this ethos First Tower School is full of individual and unique pupils achieving, being the best they can be.


At First Tower School we aim to inspire and be inspired. Our actions, gestures and words can be acts of inspiration to others. Through celebrations, lessons and sharing we aim to be inspired by those around us and further afield. Through a strong sense of community we inspire each other to help others, look after each other and our environment and be the best we can be. First Tower School promotes many roles for our pupils to be inspirational in. We have Eco Warriors looking after our environment, Anti-bullying Ambassadors looking after our welfare, school council to help school be the best it can. We look outside of the community and look to people through time and the present who can inspire us today.


At First Tower we promote and advocate a strong sense of respect. We believe respect takes on many forms. Respect for others, respect for the environment, respect for rules and laws and respect for ourselves. To respect outwardly we have to feel good about ourselves and respect inwardly. At First Tower School we run many initiatives to support this. We have Jigsaw which is a Personal, Social and Health Education programme, Mindfulness to help us reflect and gather our thoughts, well-being to help us make sense of things around us and give us coping strategies especially during tricky times. We have groups and councils to care for us, our school and its environment. We fund raise for charity and endeavor to be a supportive facility in the community.

Achieve , inspire and respect are therefore core values we hold dear at First Tower School and we will endeavour to continue to work on being the best we can be.

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Our staff

Mrs L. Linton


Mrs S. DuFeu

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs K. Mahrer

Assistant Headteacher


Miss S. Mulhern

Assistant Headteacher


Mrs J. Rentsch

Teacher - Reception

Music Lead

Mrs S. Reed

Teacher - Reception

Miss E. Daly

Teacher - Year 1

Miss K. Bushnell

Teacher - Year 1


Mr M. Humpage

Teacher - Year 2

Mrs K. Cook/Ms E. Havard

Teacher - Year 2

Mrs F. Morgan

Teacher - Year 3

Science Lead

Miss L. Granger

Teacher - Year 3

Phase Leader Y1-3

RE & ICT Lead

Mr T. Shenton

Teacher - Year 4

Miss E. Pike

Teacher - Year 4

Art/DT Lead

Mr M. Pallot

Teacher - Year 5

IPC Lead

Mrs C. Urrutia

Teacher - Year 5

English/French Lead

Mrs N. Changachanga

Teacher - Year 6

Phase Leader Y4-6

Maths Lead

Miss C. Dewhurst

Teacher - Year 6

PE Lead

Our Policies

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School data report 2018

The education department has produced a report about the achievement at First Tower School in 2018 which can be viewed below.

Our school focuses on the achievement of all children in our school at First Tower in both core and foundation subjects. We measure achievement in the same way as schools across Jersey and the UK. Pupils’ achievement is measured in two ways: their progress and their attainment. Attainment measures where they are within the curriculum. For example, a child with a low starting point may make far more progress in their learning than a child who finishes the year with on-track attainment. Progress measures how far the child achieves from their starting point. Together, progress and attainment measures tell us how well children achieve at school. We also take into account progress in both the core subjects and the foundation subjects which the report does not take into account.

The context of our school

First Tower School is a non-selective, inclusive two form entry town school, with a 40 place nursery. It is situated on the edge of town and caters for children with a wide range of needs. Everyone within the school community is encouraged to join in and the school is well supported by its parents and wider community. We are an established school first opening in 1901 with further building to the premises to cater for greater demand.

Please download the full report below.

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