The Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) is a very important stage of your child’s school experience; as it helps your child prepare for their future learning and successes. Children in Reception learn by playing and exploring, being active, and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outside.


Spring termSummer termAutumn term
Term starts:Term starts:Term starts:
Wednesday 3 JanuaryTuesday 17 AprilTuesday 4 September
Half term:Half term:Half term:
Monday 12 February - Friday 16 FebruaryMonday 28 May - Friday 1 JuneMonday 29 October - Friday 2 November
Term ends:Term ends:Term ends:
Thursday 29 MarchFriday 20 JulyWednesday 19 December
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One of the reception classrooms


TEACHERS: Miss Bushnell & Mrs Reed

Welcome to Reception. There are two classes in reception

Personal, Social and Emotional

During the Summer Term we will continue to promote and encourage the children to develop the following :-

Relationships and looking at the changes in me i.e what they could not do at a baby and can do now.

Communication and Language

In this area of learning we will ensure that we provide opportunities for all children to:

  • Practise active listening (through story time, carpet time, circle time, show and tell time)
  • Engage in conversations with adults who will model good language and expose children to language we use for different audiences and in different contexts
  • Develop their confidence in speaking in front of others, providing children with the chance to speak in front of different audiences e.g. peers, children from the other class, visitors

Physical Development

The main focus this term will be correct letter formation in order to achieve the Early Learning Goal. The children will be partaking in PE lessons every Tuesday or Wednesday (there is no need for a PE kit).During class time the children will have access to the outside area most days for running, jumping, climbing, digging etc. We will also continue to remind children about basic hygiene, and support scissor skills and correct pencil grip for those children who require it.


During the Summer Term we are continuing to:

  • Learn diagraphs and words and apply them to our reading and writing
  • Read a variety of different genres and experience both fiction and non-fiction books
  • Work alongside an adult twice a week on developing our writing skills, concentrating on writing sight words correctly and phonetically spelling trickier words.
  • More independent writing opportunities


Our learning this term will focus on:

  • Saying the number 1 more and 1 less, finding 1 more and 1 less
  • simple addition and subtraction sums and applying them to simple problems
  • Talking about doubles and halves
  • Teaching the names of 2D and 3D shapes and talk about their properties.
  • Using the appropriate language related to weight, money, time etc.
  • Talking about estimating quantities

Understanding of the World

This area of the curriculum covers learning in science, geography, history, RE and Technology. During the Spring Term we will be:

  • Encouraging children to look closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change in their environment.
  • Providing children with the opportunities to use a range of age appropriate technology.

We also value children bringing in anything they would like to share from their holidays or their culture/community.

Expressive arts and design This area of the curriculum covers learning in music, art, and dance. We provide opportunities for children to explore these areas through ‘free play’ where the classroom and outdoor environment is set up with activities and resources to facilitate this. In both classrooms, children will have access to role play area and small world resources in order to develop their imaginative play. Depending on our focus of the week the children will have opportunities to complete focussed art work.

Tapesty – Online Learning Journey

We continue to use this to record your child’s learning and achievements during their time in Reception. We value all contributions parents make to this journal as it is important for us to see what learning the children demonstrate at home – we often hear that they have mastered a skill but we may not see that in class. It is also a good way of us finding out about the children’s interests outside of school and what they do as a family which provides us with rich evidence for the ‘people and communities’ strand of our curriculum. If you are unsure how to comment or add evidence to your child’s Tapestry Journal we are more than happy to help.

Parental Support:

We thank you for continuing supporting your child with their reading. Any opportunities for practicing simple sums and writing would also be invaluable this term as we aim to achieve the Early Learning Goals and prepare them for year one. For more information on this please look up this link. If you have any concerns or queries please arrange an appointment time to see the class teacher.


School Bags

We have limited drawer space so please provide your child with a small book bag which will adequately carry their snack and reading diary. These can be bought at the office.

Water bottles

Every child needs to be provided with two water bottles, one for snack and one for lunch.

Lunch and snacks

The children have half an hour to eat their lunch. Please provide a healthy balanced lunch. If your child has any allergies please tell us directly.

Snack in reception is ongoing and one healthy snack , such as fruit, cheese and crackers needs to be provided by the parent.

School Uniform

All Reception children are required to wear the School Uniform. For details of the type of uniform required for this age, please see our accompanying School Uniform brochure. All items of uniform should be clearly marked with your child's name.

Please provide you child with a spare bag of clothes that is to be left at school. This does not need to be school uniform. PE Kit is NOT required in reception.

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