Year 1

Home Learning

Please find below your home learning activities.


Welcome to Year 1!

Across the year, Year 1 will have a castle topic which will lead onto a trip to one of the castles. We look at all the seasons, including the changing weather patterns and what happens during each season e.g. changing leaves in Autumn. We will also cover a number of investigations relating to our science and maths topics.

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Year 1


TEACHERS: Mrs Dodsley and Miss Cumming

In ENGLISH the children will develop their reading through guided reading and sharing a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. We will work on writing simple sentences using capital letters and full stops correctly as well as exploring further simple punctuation. We will be using a selection of traditional fairy tales as a stimulus for writing, looking at different characters and settings.

In handwriting the children will continue to work on correct letter formation. Through our daily phonics sessions we will reinforce synthesising and segmenting words to support reading and writing skills.

In MATHS the children will be developing their skills in addition and subtraction of single and 2 digit numbers, doubling, number bonds and counting forwards and backwards in tens. They will become familiar with the names and properties of 2d and 3d shapes and comparing weight using non-standard units of measure. It will be helpful if your child could practise counting to 100 at home and practise correct number formation. It is also important for your child to practise their number bonds to 10, for example 9+1 =10, 8+2=10, 7+3=10 etc.

In SCIENCE the children will be learning about ‘Ourselves and other animals’. They will also identify and name a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Observing seasonal change will be a continuous topic throughout the year. We will describe weather associated with the seasons and consider how day length varies.

In COMPUTING the children will be developing their word processing and presentation skills. They will become familiar with using usernames and passwords to access the computers. They will also work with Programmable Toys in class such as Beebots.

In HISTORY the children will be developing their knowledge and understanding of the past through the topic of Grandparents and toys in the past.

In GEOGRAPHY children will begin to use maps and learn about the continents.

In R.E. an P.S.H.E. the children will explore why we celebrate special times focussing on Harvest and Christmas. We will be considering questions such as What does it mean to belong?’

In P.E. the children will be taking part in gymnastics and football. They will consider different ways they can move their bodies and shapes they can create. They will learn to set up suitable equipment and put it away safely. We are very fortunate to have trained football coaches coming in every Friday to teach the children football skills.

In Art we will be exploring the works of Gustav Klimt through painting and collage. In DT children will have the opportunity to make their own moving toys using levers and pivots.


Classroom equipment

All children will be provided with the necessary equipment e.g. pencils, rubbers etc… Please do not send your child in with a pencil case.

School Bags

Each child should come to school with a book bag and lunch box only. Larger size book bags are available from the school office. Due to storage and space restrictions, we kindly request that large bags and rucksacks are not brought into school. Any concerns or queries should be discussed with your child’s class teacher.

Water bottles

All children should bring in a names water bottle everyday. These should only be filled with water and not juice drinks.

Lunch and snacks

Lunch for Year 1 is between 12pm to 1pm. Children are given half an hour to eat and then get a half hour play outside.

Children should bring in one healthy snack to have at break time.

School Uniform

We expect all children to be smartly dressed and take a pride in their appearance. As a reminder:

Long hair should be neatly tied back using plain/blue accessories.

No jewellery to be worn except small stud earrings for the girls.

No make-up or nail varnish should be worn to school.

Smart black shoes, that are appropriate for school, should be worn.