Year 4

Home Learning

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YEAR four

Outlined below is a profile of work that your child will undertake this term. We hope that you will find this both interesting and informative.


TEACHERS: Mrs Changachanga and Miss Dewhurst

In MATHS the children will cover topics including: how to calculate area and perimeter. They will also have the opportunity to consolidate work on money and time. We will be looking at symmetry and angles. In Number work they will develop their mental and written calculation strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They will also be working on simple fractions and decimals.

In ENGLISH the children will be focusing on grammar and reading comprehension. We will be reading shared texts and targeting our reading responses around these. Handwriting will be a focus in all areas of the curriculum.

In SCIENCE the children will investigate ‘Sound’ and how it is made. We will also be looking at ‘Changes in State’ which looks at solids, liquids and gases.

In ART the children will apply their experience of materials and processes, including drawing, to develop their artistic techniques, focusing on Tudor Portraiture and embroidery. In DT we will be asking children to bring in junk modelling materials which they will use to create their own musical instruments.

In ICT we will be learning how to code and use algorithms. The children will develop their skills in ‘Scratch ‘which they started in year 3 and learn how to sequence music samples to create their own musical compositions.

In GEOGRAPHY/ HISTORY the children will be learning about the world through the study of English Monarchs through history. We will also be having a Tudor day during the second half of this term. Dates to follow.

In RELIGIOUS EDUCATION we shall focus on and provide opportunities for the children to learn about celebrations such as Lent, Easter, the Last Supper and the Eucharist and the Passover within the Jewish faith.

In PERSONAL, SOCIAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION we will be following the Jigsaw PSHE scheme, focusing on ‘Dreams and Goals’, ‘Healthy me’ and ‘Relationships and Changing me’.

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Classroom equipment

A pencil case of an appropriate size

2 x HB writing pencils without ‘toppers’

A black handwriting pen

A sharpener and eraser

Coloured pencils

A clear 30 cm ruler also marked in millimetres

A glue stick

Please label equipment where possible and discuss with your child about taking responsibility for their belongings so that they are prepared for each lesson.

School bags

Each child should come to school with a book bag and lunch box only. Larger size book bags are available from the school office. Due to storage and space restrictions, we kindly request that large bags and rucksacks are not brought into school. Any concerns or queries should be discussed with your child’s class teacher.

Water bottles

Please ensure that your child has a named water bottle in addition to their lunchtime drink. This will be stored in a central area within your child’s class.

Lunch and snacks

Please ensure that your child brings a healthy snack and lunch each day. No sweets, chocolate or fizzy drinks!

School uniform

We expect all children to be smartly dressed and take a pride in their appearance. As a reminder:

Long hair should be neatly tied back using plain/blue accessories.

No jewellery to be worn except small stud earrings for the girls.

No make-up or nail varnish should be worn to school. Smart black shoes that are appropriate for school should be worn.

PE kit

Mr Le Fevre will take all PE lessons in year 4 and these will be on a Tuesday and Thursday for 4 Morgan and Thursday as a double session for 4 Humpage. On PE days pupils are to come into school wearing their PE kit and bring trainers for lunchtime football in a bag on other days. The school expected PE kit is:

Navy shorts

White polo shirt

Proper sports trainers

White sports socks First Tower School or plain navy tracksuit

Full Value Contract

Within our classes we have devised a Full Value Contract, this states the rules that each child has agreed to abide by. Please do reinforce these rules at home and remind your child of our expectations. These agreed rules include:

Look after each other and your school

Be safe

Be polite

Be honest Be the best you can be


All homework will be sent home on a Monday and is due in on Friday each week at the latest. Children are expected to read for 20 minutes each night and for their reading diary to be signed by an adult. We do not expect the children to do homework at the weekend, but we would love for them to use this as independent learning time for their own interests.