Year 5

YEAR five

Welcome to Year 5. There are many exciting things that take place during Year 5. These include: 3 themed days (Victorian, Mayan and Greek), a visit to the States Chamber where we take part in a debate and a 2-night residential trip to the Scout Centre in St Ouen where children will have the opportunity to forage for food, build a fire, make dens and conduct nature studies.


Spring termSummer termAutumn term
Term starts:Term starts:Term starts:
Wednesday 3 JanuaryTuesday 17 AprilTuesday 4 September
Half term:Half term:Half term:
Monday 12 February - Friday 16 FebruaryMonday 28 May - Friday 1 JuneMonday 29 October - Friday 2 November
Term ends:Term ends:Term ends:
Thursday 29 MarchFriday 20 JulyWednesday 19 December


Teachers: Mrs N. Changachanga and Mr M. Pallot

Maths- the children will cover topics including: coordinates, focusing on translation and reflection, negative numbers, volume and percentages. In Number work, they will continue to develop their mental and written calculation strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They will also be working on fractions and decimals.

ENGLISH- the children will be focusing on grammar, reading and writing. We will be looking at Greek Myths first of all, linking into our History topic. Our non-fiction English focus for this term will be based on Ultimate Explorers. The children will also have the opportunity to revisit poetry. As part of our Whole Class Reading this term, we will be reading the novel ‘Who Let the Gods Out’ by Maz Evans and completing activities based on this. 

SCIENCE-the children will learn about famous Scientists and Inventors during the first half term and then about Animals, including Humans during the second half term. This second topic will link into our PSHE topic about changes.

ART-the children will be exploring Greek Pottery this term. They will be carrying out research and design tasks, which will conclude with them creating their own pottery using clay. We will also be looking at printing processes later in the term too.

COMPUTING- the children will be using Scratch to design their own games and they will also practise skills that include using Emails and software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY – This term, our History and Geography will be taught together. Our focus for this term is on the Ancient Greeks and will focus on areas such as Greek Gods, Myths, The Olympic Games and Battles such as The Trojan War. We will also be looking at the location of Greece and what it is like in the present day. The Greeks will also be the focus of our upcoming Year group ‘Assembly’ and the children have a research project to complete for this. The topic will also involve a Greek day, which will be an opportunity for the children to dress up and experience life as a Greek for the day!

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION- This term, we will focus on the topics of Sikhism Prayer and Worship, then Christianity Beliefs and Practices.

PERSONAL, SOCIAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION - We are continuing with the Jigsaw curriculum and this term will be covering the topics of ‘Relationships’ and ‘Changing Me’. There will be correspondence later in the term, as the ‘Changing Me’ topic will involve discussions about Puberty.

FRENCH- The children will continue to follow the Salut Jersey scheme, which will help to develop their skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing through the main topics of Food, Money and Towns.

MUSIC-the children will be developing their skills of composing and performing their own music using a variety of instruments such as chime bars, claves, bells and boom whackers.


Homework will remain the same this term. Spelling will be sent on a Monday and due Friday, Maths will be set on a Wednesday due on Monday and Reading is expected every night-this can be Rapid Reader as well as a physical book. Please make sure either is noted in the diary. If you have any queries about homework please do not hesitate to contact us. The children always have the opportunity to get help with their homework at school before it is due and only need to ask if they require this.

School bags

Each child should come to school with a book bag and lunch box only. Larger size book bags are available from the school office. Due to storage and space restrictions, we kindly request that large bags and rucksacks are not brought into school. Any concerns or queries should be discussed with your child’s class teacher.

Water bottles

Please ensure that your child has a named water bottle in addition to their lunchtime drink. This will be stored in a central area within your child’s class.

Lunch and snacks

Please ensure that your child brings a healthy snack and lunch each day. No sweets, chocolate or fizzy drinks!

School uniform

We expect all children to be smartly dressed and take a pride in their appearance. As a reminder:

Long hair should be neatly tied back using plain/blue accessories.

No jewellery to be worn except small stud earrings for the girls.

No make-up or nail varnish should be worn to school. Smart black shoes that are appropriate for school should be worn.

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Girls will be provided with the opportunity to learn how to play netball, focusing on positions, rules and technique. As well as ongoing training throughout the year, a team will be selected to play against other island schools in weekly matches. Netball is a terrific sport to get involved in and can not only develop physical skills, but social and verbal skills that can be transferable to other areas of school life.  

  • Adult in charge: Miss Dewhurst 
  • Who is it for? Year 5 and 6 girls 
  • When does it take place? Usually every Monday 3-4pm.  Cost: Free