Year 6

YEAR six

Outlined below is a profile of work that your child will undertake this term. We hope that you will find this both interesting and informative.

At First Tower School, Year 6 is a very exciting and busy year. Firstly, we start off the year with our annual visit to the PGL centre in France. For most children, this is the first time they have left the island without parents or guardians and is a great opportunity to learn some independence.

Every child has the opportunity to become a prefect in Year 6. The criteria for this are based on merit across the curriculum and non-academic achievements. For example: being a good citizen, kindness and responsible behaviour

In January 2018, all parents and guardians will be invited into school for an     e-safety evening, which will be run by the school’s liaison police officer, PC Carter. Technology is becoming an ever present feature in our daily lives, and constantly changing. The evening will hopefully offer information about how to keep children safe online.

We are looking forward to the possibility of holding a Pompeii Day, which will coincide with the children’s link work on mountains and volcanoes. Our second link work project will begin after Christmas and will focus on World War Two.

We are hoping to take the children on several trips in the New Year and activity days, including water sports, at the end of the academic year. Children will also have the opportunity for transition visits to their secondary school, ensuring that sufficient support and scaffolding is in place for the next exciting chapter in their lives.


Spring termSummer termAutumn term
Term starts:Term starts:Term starts:
Wednesday 3 JanuaryTuesday 17 AprilTuesday 4 September
Half term:Half term:Half term:
Monday 12 February - Friday 16 FebruaryMonday 28 May - Friday 1 JuneMonday 29 October - Friday 2 November
Term ends:Term ends:Term ends:
Thursday 29 MarchFriday 20 JulyWednesday 19 December
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Teachers: Mrs Bardsley and Mr Riccio

In MATHS and ENGLISH we will be revising in preparation for SATS tests which will take place the week of 21st May 2018. We will also be following Frank Cottrell Boyce’s book ‘Millions’. 

In SCIENCE the children will be finishing the light topic from last term. This will be followed by evolution, adaptation and inheritance. These lessons will include a variety of practical and written tasks. 

The following topics will be covered in the Foundation Subjects:

ART – Our focus will be on the coast and ocean, making full use of the resource we have here on our doorstep. The children will be learning skills; such as, sketching, printing, painting and sculpture. 

COMPUTING – We will be learning about hardware and software, devices and operating systems, networking, connectivity, security, communication, word processing accessibility, data representation, searching skills, spreadsheets, multimedia and e-safety. 

HISTORY – We will be studying Neolithic man and prehistoric Jersey-depth with a possible visit to La Hougue Bie.   

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION – This term we will focus on the faith of Islam. 

PERSONAL, SOCIAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION – We will be following the Jigsaw PSHE scheme, changing me. 

FRENCH – We will continue with the Jersey ‘Salut’ programme. 

MUSIC – We will be listening to and appraising popular music, as well as learning to sing and play instruments to the songs.


Spelling will be set on a Monday, due Friday and Maths will be set on a Wednesday, due Monday (this allows children to ask a teacher on Thursday or Friday if they are unsure). Reading is also expected every night, and we would ask that an adult signs and dates the reading diary. The expectation is that all children complete the homework within the given time.

Link work

At First Tower, we have excellent transition arrangements in place in order to ease your child into secondary school. In addition to daily homework, your child will also be given one piece of linkwork later this term. We will expect link work to be completed by the specified deadline and appreciate your support in achieving this.  Year 6’s linkwork for this term will focus on World War 2.