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Safer recruitment is the process that occurs to ensure we detect and reject those who may apply to work with children for sinister reasons. The policy covers paid and unpaid (volunteer) appointments, permanent or non-permanent. Recruiting managers have a responsibility to follow policy and the DBS Enhanced Disclosure with Barred List is part of this process. Supply teachers and supply teaching assistants must all go through the process.

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Request Absence

Please fill in the form below to request a students absence. You will receive an email telling you if the request has been approved.

It is ESC policy that children should attend school unless they are unwell or if the absence is unavoidable through circumstances beyond the family’s control. Current guidance states that leave will not be granted unless there are exceptional circumstances which might justify authorisation. In order to obtain permission parents are reminded that:

  1. Adequate notice is required for applications to be processed.
  2. Holiday bookings should not be confirmed prior to gaining approval.
  3. All applications should be made in writing, on the form above, to the Headteacher.

The school appreciates that some parents are unable to take holiday leave during the school holidays and may wish to apply for holiday leave for their child/ren.  Such requests should be balanced against the requirement to attend school and the need to complete curriculum work.  Whilst on holiday in term time it is parents’ responsibility to ensure appropriate study is completed by their child.

There will be certain times when holiday requests will not be granted e.g. during exam time, poor attendance record.  If request for holiday leave is declined parents have the right to appeal to the Director of Education.

Schools are required to report attendance figures which are carefully monitored. A child’s absence during term time can seriously disrupt their continuity of learning with the consequent risk of underachievement. You will therefore understand the careful consideration we need to give these requests.